1. Electromagnetic medicine.

Rejection by “official” medicine made it impossible to have any clinical trials or generally any serious and well-controlled developments of electromagnetic medicine. Therefore electromagnetic medicine today is both under-developed and unreliable. A number of devices exist, but a lot of them may be non-working or even harmful. This hazardous aspect must however be seen in the context of the generally high death rate of diseases such as cancer.

Despite the present situation, electromagnetic medicine has a bright future, particularly for treating cancer. This future can be built on the basis of historical information and past scientific reseach. The following websites present historical and technical information which is of interest.

Devices which are now understood at least in part (see “immune system” page):

Lakhovsky’s Multiple Waves Oscillator (MWO):

The Priore Machine:

Other devices:

The “electrotherapy museum”:


  1. Health problems due to exposure to electromagnetic waves.

The institutional position today remains a near complete negation of health problems connected with exposure to low power electromagnetic waves, so that the interest of public health in this matter is essentially defended by associations. Please refer to the French part of this site for associations.