Just as was the case for other diseases, the connection between COVID-19 and exposure to electromagnetic fields could have remained unnoticed.

However, the Doctrine of the innocuity of electromagnetic waves, which is the theoretical basis for rejecting effects of electromagnetic fields on health, is no further adhered to by a majority of implied scientists (this doctrine is the belief in the absence of non-thermal effects and other similar beliefs, see Its abandonment was validated by more than 240 scientists (see ) for whom “EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines” (these guidelines are based on the on the Doctrine of Inocuity of Electromagnetic fields). Even the most conservative organisms mark an increasing distanciation from the Doctrine of Innocuity of Electromagnetic Waves. For example, in France the ANSES (the government agency in charge of public health) recommends to decrease children’s exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The abandonment of the “Doctrine of the inocuity of electromagnetic waves” implies that  COVID-19 issues must now be dealt with with the openness of mind which this change of perspective implies, using all available scientific knowledge, rather than only such knowledge which was found acceptable within the Doctrine of the innocuity of electromagnetic waves. In particular it is necessary to take into account the precedent of Poliomyelitis, a disease for which the historical link with exposure to electromagnetif fields is particularly straightforwward (see or for a more precise account ). This precedent renders highly probable a connexion between the COVID-19 pandemy and exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The initial phases of the pandemy in China, then Korea, Iran and Italy suggest a connexion between the disease and exposure to wideband electromagnetif fields in the 3400-3800 MHz range (corresponding to 5G in China, Korea and in many European countries, to 4.5G in Iran). More recent epidemiological data show that SARS-COV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19) can also remain active in environments that comprise little emissions in that specific band and are dominated by 4G and other older emissions, or by 5G in a different frequency band. Thus COVID-19 is likely to interact significantly with RF emissions within a wide frequency range.

The understanding  of COVID-19 under usual scientific approaches (still based on the Doctrine of inocuity of electromagnetic waves) is  limited to its near “mechanical” aspect: a virus (SARS-COV-2) is present, it causes the disease through mechanisms which imply a dysfunctioning of the immune system. COVID-19 essentially affects the lungs and the nervous system, and as of today most deaths are due to respiratory distress.

But the logic behind the pandemy, which determines the impressive differences between different countries or even between different regions of the same country, is not understood under this strictly mechanistic approach. This is why attempts to stop the pandemy are limited to lockdowns which can be understood purely mechanistically, i.e. suppressing human contacts is expected to suppress virus transmission.

To really understand this pandemy and apply truly efficient measures against it, it will be necessary to take into accounts electromagnetic aspects of the problem. This comprises both natural electromagnetic aspects and interactions with electromagnetic fields generated by telecom networks. But the scientific world only recently abandoned the “Doctrine of innocuity of electromagnetic waves” and therefore it does not have the tools for understanding these aspects.

Since 2013 we proposed a physical and biological model of the interaction between the immune system and electromagnetic fields. Since 2015 we proposed that there is a link between viral disease and exposure to electromagnetic fields. In particular, we demonstrated the historical link between Poliomyelitis and the first emissions of electromagnetic fields, which generally implies that viral disease interact to some degree with electromagnetic fields exposure. We considerably developed the understanding of electromagnetic aspects of viral disease and today we have the knowledge and understanding which is needed to fight Coronavirus.

We propose assistance to public authorities and telecom operators in the fight against Coronavirus. Today we can advise them, for example, on efficiently bringing down death rates in countries where such rates are abnormally high.

We also welcome donations from whealthy individuals or foundations willing to contribute to the advancement of science and to the fight against Coronavirus.

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