About us

INRF is dedicated to the progress of science in the field of the interaction of biological systems – particularly human health – with electromagnetic fields. For a number of reasons this field has long been overlooked by mainstream science. Even today, scientific work on this issue is underfunded with respect to the issues at stake. Scientists wishing to remain in the field often need to bias their conclusions or somehow participate in spreading confusion.  Telecommunications have become such a symbol of progress, and have taken such importance in our lifes, that most people find it difficult to even consider the issues.

We intend to investigate the essential issues at stake seriously, but also without taboos. We were surprised by the conclusions we reached. But sometimes reality can significantly differ from what people think. During many thousands of years our ancestors belived that the world is flat, but it is round, which was inconceivable to them. Likewise, electromagnetic fields strongly interact with humah health, and this is inconceivable to many of us.  What is perhaps even more inconceivable is that they interact with health in a quite subtle manner. But that is the way things are.

INRF was created by Vincent Lauer who initiated the systematic analysis of effects of electromagnetic waves on the immune system and the interpretation of these effects within the framework of generally accepted concepts in physics and biology. Previously he was a scientist and inventor in the field of microscopy.

Vincent Lauer receives SPIE Best Technology Award in European Photonics Innovation Village in 2008